The Meehan Group, where language meets opportunity

The Meehan Group offers translation and interpretation services to meet communications challenges in litigation, global dialogue, government, and corporate matters. We specialize in deposition and trial interpretation;
conference interpretation; document translation; intergovernmental / multilateral communications; and interpretation for a range of sensitive business matters.
We adhere to the professional standards and ethics code of the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC), serving corporations, court systems in Japan and the US, ministries, and international organizations.

We assist business projects and ventures explore and gain entry into Japan. Whether your project requires translators, editors, copywriters, researchers, or other specialized consultants for success, the Meehan Group can marshal the resources needed to make the right first steps. Moreover, given our presence and network, we are well positioned to support local communities in Japan as well as foreigners to navigate issues with local processes and filings.
Though the scope of our work has widened over the years, 
our focus remains clear.
serves a vital human activity to connect people and to build understanding. We would like to help you with your opportunity.



PULLQUOTE: “Without translation I would be limited to the borders of my own country. The translator is my most important ally. He introduces me to the world.” — Italo Calvino

The Meehan Group provides a wide range of translation and interpretation services as well as related coordination services and consulting to business, industry, nonprofit, and government clients throughout the world.

Interpretation & translation​

Meehan Group translators and interpreters share a vision of high-performance work that promotes cultural understanding. We care deeply about the goals of the events at which we mediate and endeavor to help achieve these goals with due respect and nuance.
We offer a range of interpreting services (including setup), focusing on simultaneous, conference, and court and deposition interpreting. Our team and resources are deployed in accordance with requirements to ensure quality output throughout the given event setting.
Other arrangements include remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI), attendant interpreting (single interpreter), exhibition interpreting, and whisper interpreting.
Our translation services cover litigation support, official certificates, government applications, contracts, and certificates of translation (notary). In addition, we handle related concerns such as copywriting and localization, editorial, and research.

Consulting, coordination & support services

At the Meehan Group, we understand that the success of your endeavor may depend on bridging critical divides of language and culture. Our approach is consultative, patient, and well resourced, with end-to-end support from first steps to market to growth and expansion. Whatever the scope of the event or project, our team is ready to assist with comprehensive interpretation and translation, coordination, editorial, and research support.

We offer project coordination for document management and interpreter arrangements, onsite coordination, and remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) coordination. We can help arrange events and meetings in Japan, install booths and equipment, and facilitate bookings and reservations for conferences, as well as provide language assistance and produce minutes from meetings.

For ventures looking to enter Japan, we can conduct market research, manage copywriting and editorial, localize content, and advise on regulatory and best practices. We support your business enterprise as a thoughtful partner, combining strategic mediation with insight.


Our Team

The Meehan Group provides interpretation and translation services globally, with interpreters conforming to the standards of the AIIC. In Japan our extensive network of consultants and professionals cover matters for ministries and courts and corporations and businesses as well as local communities.

Andrew Meehan

CEO & principal interpreter

Andrew Meehan has led the Meehan Group since its establishment in Tokyo in 2011 and serves as principal interpreter. Clients benefit from his nearly three decades’ experience supporting sensitive interpretation and translation matters spanning litigation;

telecommunications, technology, pharmaceutical, and finance industries; sports and medical organization and administration; government; and diplomatic protocol. In consequence, the firm attains regularly to work with government ministries and international organizations.

Highly credentialed, Meehan maintains ties with several professional associations, most notably the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC, from 2014) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO, 2015–2023). He has held teaching positions and guest lectureships at school and university translation and interpretation graduate programs in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka, where he shares his experiences and advises research on industry standards and training.

From the outset of his career, he has been committed to community and pro bono/low bono service and encourages volunteer culture at the company.

Keigo Yoshida

Managing director & senior executive manager for Asia

Born in Kyoto, Keigo Yoshida has been working in the field of translation and interpreting for nearly two decades. He primarily manages Japanese translation projects, with a focus on legal matters and marketing, work that has included legal reviews of contracts, compliance, editing and copywriting of presentations, websites, catalogues, and other materials intended for a Japanese audience.

Teppei Yamada

Sales manager, domestic businesses

At the Meehan Group Teppei Yamada serves as the primary sales contact for companies based in Japan. In the face of disruptions during the covid-19 pandemic to the normal order of business, Yamada endeavored to build and to maintain proper client and business relations. He has worked in diverse areas, including optical instruments, food manufacturing, printing, and publishing.

Alan Evans

Asia Pacific team lead & JP>EN translator

Alan Evans coordinates translators and interpreters for projects in the Asia-Pacific region as well as providing organizational and tech support for remote interpreting matters. He joined the Meehan Group after graduating from Keio University with a master’s degree in governance and media. Born in Australia, he has lived in Japan since 2017, having taught for two years at the start as an English teacher in the prestigious JET Program.

Naomi Suzuki

Office manager & staff coordinator

A native of Tokyo, Naomi Suzuki joined the Meehan Group in 2017 and is responsible for general operations and interpreter coordination as well as support for complex tender applications and related projects. Previously she worked in export and marketing divisions for a foreign company.

Joey O’Brien


Joey O’Brien graduated from the University of Manchester with a bachelor of arts in Spanish and Chinese language as well as a master’s degree in translation and interpreting. For his internship at the Meehan Group, he is tasked with developing English-language communications content for the firm’s Web site and business blog.