Andrew Migita-Meehan leads the firm with his extensive experience and native, bi-cultural fluency in Japanese and English. Under his direction, the talented team of translators and interpreters of The Meehan Group produce excellent results in the most demanding environments worldwide.

Born in Sasebo, Kyushu to an American father and a Japanese mother, our founder Andrew Meehan is in every sense a bi-cultural individual who inhabits both worlds fluently. Even as an elementary student he helped to translate Japanese birth certificates into English for travel visas for his mother’s friends. After graduating high school in Japan, Andrew left for the United States to pursue his university education. At the University of Arizona he earned his BS Electrical & Computer Engineer, during which he concentrated on Biomedical Engineering.

His professional experience as a translator and interpreter began in New York, in the in-house services of top New York law firms. In supporting legal practices on various prominent cases, his translation and interpreting experience was honed to an exacting international standard. Later, his Masters of Advanced Studies in Interpreter Training at the University of Geneva would further synthesize his professional experiences, skills and engineering knowledge.

Through his industry associations with the International Association of Conference Interpreters and the Japan Association for Language and Law he has cemented his place a prominent voice in his generation of interpreters.

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CEO & Principal Interpreter